Fluffball Success!

                                The 3rd Annual Fluffball!

The Fluffball was able to raise over $31,000 for Best Friends Animal Society, and helped to bring awareness to the great work they are doing in Los Angeles through their No More Homeless Pets campaign! 

                                         Check out these great pictures from the event! 

Learn more about Best Friends Animal Society


A better world through kindness to animals. 


No More Homeless Pets. 

  • Develop, implement and share world-class standards for companion animal care, including their physical, emotional and behavioral health.

  • End the killing of animals who are labeled “unadoptable” in shelters, by bringing about a time when every pet can enjoy a loving home and when every family can find their special companion through humane sources.  (We call this our No More Homeless Pets campaign.)

  • Initiate and lead social action on behalf of animals everywhere by providing organizational resources and vision, and by sharing our knowledge and experience freely, so that all communities can achieve the goal of No More Homeless Pets.
  • http://www.bestfriends.org

Every animal deserves a loving home!



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