A Broken Heart…mended

As an artist I truly believe that art is created from inspiration in our lives and our experiences. This inspiration is often triggered from profound events that create sadness and happiness within our souls. These are the events that continuously shape and change us daily. We must be always be prepared for endless waves of transformation.

I created two beautiful heart necklaces with these waves of transformation and wealth of life experience in mind…the Broken Heart and the Mended Heart. Most of us have had at least one broken heart in our life. It often leaves us feeling empty, sad, and lonely. However, it always teaches us something valuable about ourselves and about life that makes us realize we need that broken heart to thrust us forward back onto the right path. It truly reveals to us that when God closes a door, he opens a window. Without the experience, we wouldn’t be who we are today. It impacts us and leaves an inscription on our hearts forever. Even though the broken heart necklace represents a touch of sadness, it also embodies hope, faith, and a new beginning. This leads me to why I created the Mended Heart necklace. I feel almost invisible when I wear it. It is like a small armor of steel that I can wear around my neck. It makes me feel safe, untouchable, and fearless. It symbolizes a heart that has been healed and a renewed faith in hope. 

Everyday is a new beginning…if you’re open to it. 

Mended Heart Necklace

Broken Heart Necklace


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