You’re the song…the Melody Pendant.

Every jewelry designer has their  favorite pieces, this One of a kind “Melody Pendant” is definitely one of mine. I got an e-mail  from a sweet Texan in early December, he was looking to surprise a one of a kind lady ( and one of my best friends) with something that would make her Christmas “better then it’s ever been” and I hope that I helped with that a little bit.

There is something very special about being able to personalize jewelry, that’s what I love about being a jeweler. I love making each piece unique to the person who’s going to wear it. I want my clients to have a gift that reminds them of the love and affection that went into selecting a piece, to engraving their special message and to presenting that gorgeous gift. Thank you Ashlea Palafox for these beautiful pictures!


“You’re the song that I’ve been singing all day long, you’re the melody I need to get me on my feet and dancing.  I’ve never felt a beat so strong , you’re the song that I’ve been singing all along.” Heather Morgan

Ashlea wearing her one of a kind “Melody Pendant”
Back of  Guitar pick

Front w/ diamonds


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