Just in time for Spring!

                The weather is starting to show us her warmer side!  Daffodils are starting to pop up, and the grass is becoming green again with spring showers.   The store racks are full of breezy summer dresses, and one of the colors I’m noticing for this summer is GREEN!  In my designs I am using a wonderful green stone called Aventurine.   Not only is the stone and amazing green color, it also has a great glistening quality to the stone.  The green color and shimmer are actually because of the tiny mineral specks within.  I love this gorgeous stone because of its unbelievable color, and it is the stone of luck and chance!
Aventurine ” Luck Ring”

Aventurine “Luck Earrings”
Can’t you see these with any outfit this summer?!  With such a great tone of green and the bezel setting, these pieces are extremely versatile.  Green is going to be everywhere once the summer is in full bloom.  I can’t wait!
       Xo, Kelly


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