Friday Love Story, Building Memories

            Hopefully your week has whizzed by as quickly as mine has!  Spring is bringing in some great new changes for James and Lily Jewelry…we will keep you posted!  To wrap up the week and bring in the much needed weekend we are so excited to share another proposal story.    
I was meeting Sean at our favorite restaurant for a date night. As I sat on the bench waiting for him to show up, all of a sudden my Mom walks up to me and hands me a red rose with a little note hanging from it! Then my Dad hands me one, then my Grandma and then my best friend and so on! Each note described how we met, something we experienced together and the things he loved about me. About 2-3 dozen roses later from all of my family and friends and a face full of tears from reading all the notes, I look up and I see Sean walking towards me. He hands me a white rose and gets down on one knee as he tells me that I am his soul mate and then asked me to marry him in front of everyone! He put so much thought into it….it was amazing! I loved that he included all of my family and friends to be part of our special day! We got engaged on October 23, 2009 and were married exactly one year later on October 23, 2010!

I love how Sean knew Sarah would love to have everyone involved in their special day and did it in such a cute way with the roses.  It was so great how he built up from their favorite memories into creating another momentous one.  That is what makes their story so wonderful.  Happy Friday and hopefully this inspired someone to do something special for their loved one this weekend!


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