Friday Love Story, Not according to Plan

The sun will not stop shining! Hopefully this amazing weather will keep going through this weekend, so I can get out and enjoy it.  I have another proposal story to share before the weekend starts.  It is such a great example that no matter how much you plan, sometimes things will not go accordingly…. But  it will be just as romantic!
I met Nyle while getting ready to have my appendix removed.  With all the hustle and bustle that goes on in an Emergency room I noticed his kind eyes and beautiful smile.  My brother in law worked with him and I insisted that he set us up.  Thank goodness he did!   As avid travelers, Nyle and I take every opportunity to pack our bags and head out.  We headed to Tulum to get some sunshine and good food.  Two days before our vacation was over we had an amazing dinner and stuffed ourselves!  Nyle kept trying to get me to go for a walk on the beach but I was insistent that I needed to lie down and wait out the overstuffed feeling.  Well… I was ruining his plan to propose, but I didn’t know!   No cute long walk on the beach under the moonlight!  He was determined to arrived back home engaged so he proposed while I was lying sick in bed.  It was the best cure for my stomachache!  I was just like how we had first met!   Even though I ruined his plans it was just as romantic with every word he spoke.  We were married September 5th at a beautiful Chateau in the Loire Valley, France.
            Cristina’s proposal story is a story that makes me laugh.  Her story proves that even though Nyle’s grand plan was altered, it was still such a special and romantic moment for the two of them!
                                                                             XO  Kelly


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