Friday Love Story:Where you least expect it!

                I hope my Friday Love Stories have given inspiration!  As I keep working on James and Lily’s new website, I get so excited looking at our new bridal pieces that will be available.  I know each ring will have its day to make someone very happy.  This week’s Friday Love Story is so cute I couldn’t wait to share it!
Isabela was taking a routine trip to the dog park with her darling Keanga.  As she was traipsing through the park another dog took notice of Keanga.  The two dogs couldn’t stop playing!  Finally the other dog’s owner, Eric, caught up with them and noticed the dogs were having such a good time they probably needed some water.  Well, when Eric asked Isabela if they should take the dogs to the water fountain for a drink, she though he said “would you like to go for a drink”.  Well if he was asking her on a date she said, “I can’t dressed like this”.  Through the miss communication Eric found that well if he asked her out she would wouldn’t turn him down!  With such a cute beginning Eric had to make sure the engagement was just as special.
                Halloween was around the corner and all the preparations were in order.  Eric made Isabela’s favorite dinner while they were tending to the trick-or-treaters.  It was Isabela’s turn to answer the door and standing there were a little boy and girl dressed as bride and groom.  The little girl handed Isabela a bouquet of roses and the little boy held out a box.  Eric emerged at her side on bended knee and opened the little box and asked her to marry him!
~Isabela and Eric
                Such a cute story!  Could you imagine how cute the two little kids were?!  This is such a special post because this June will be Isabela and Eric’s ten year anniversary!  Congratulations!!!!  

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