Diamonds- A Shape for every style!

As unique as everyone’s style is, there is a diamond shape to match it.  From the classic round brilliant to the antique look of the cushion cut diamond, there is something for everyone. 


The Round Brilliant Cut: 
The round brilliant cut diamond is the classic, always fashionable diamond shape.  The round brilliant was created to reveal the most sparkle and light a diamond has to give, as well as reducing the appearance of yellow color in a diamond.  Someone who may like the round brilliant may be described as: faithful, traditional, and dependable.

Princess Cut: 
Like the round brilliant, the Princess cut is full of facets and sparkle! The Princess cut is one the of the most popular styles of diamonds. The princess cut diamond is square with pointed corners, which can give it a more modern look.   Someone who may like the princess cut diamond may be described as having an exhilarating personality, fun, and exciting.

Cushion Cut: 
The cushion cut adds a more antique feel to the diamond.  It is often described as a soft rounded square shape.  The defining feature of the Cushion cut is that the top of the diamond comes up in a rounded fashion versus the round brilliant cut diamonds sharp angle.  A person who likes the cushion cut may be described as a romantic, traditional, and may go for more vintage style settings.

The marquise shape was created to retain as much diamond as possible in the cutting process.   Because of the marquis’ elliptical shape (football), the stone often looks bigger than it is!  The marquis shaped diamond may appeal to someone who is described as innovated, and exciting to be around.

                If you didn’t think it was possible it is, the diamond can be even more romantic in a heart shape!  Filled with facets this cut is full of romance, sparkle and love.  The women who may like a heart shaped diamond may be described as a pure romantic, and dreamer.

The oval shape is another great option to do something a little different from the classic round brilliant but not too far off!  Just like the round brilliant the oval shaped diamond is filled with sparkle.  Someone who may like the oval shape may be described as creative, well organized, and willing to take chances.

                The pear shape is like the blend of two cuts, the oval and marquis.  With one round end and one pointed, the pear shape is for someone who likes to make their own rules!  Someone who may like the pear shape can be described as modest but likes to standout in a crowd, and tend to have a stubborn streak.

Emerald Cut: 
                The emerald cut is one of pure beauty.  With a different style of facets called step cuts, and less, the stone can show any flaws it may have.  A higher grade diamond is recommended to wear the emerald cut with confidence.  Even though it does not have the same sparkle as brilliant cut stones, the beauty of the emerald cut lies in the ability to look right into the stone with broad flashes of light! The person who loves the emerald cut diamond may be described as a natural born leader, and has a regal temperament.

                Like the emerald cut, the asscher uses step cuts to reveal the beauty within the stone.  A higher grade diamond is recommended to wear the asscher cut with confidence.   The vintage inspired cut is as regal as an emerald cut but adds its own touch with its square shape.  Someone who loves the asscher cut may be described as a trend setter, and a quiet elegance.


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