Fashion Update with Jackie

Welcoming our weekly fashion update with Jackie! 

This week: Skirts and dresses vs. falling temps

I’m Jackie, and I’ll be discussing my favorite trends, pieces and accessories. A little bit about me – I have no formal fashion background, nor am I a slave to the trends.  I do my best to take risks and challenge myself to change up my looks.  But everything I choose to wear is within the realm of pieces I like and feel comfortable in; I adapt trends and ideas I like to fit me.  Just remember – be confident in your outfit.  If you believe you’re pulling it off, other people will too.  
So it’s fall in NYC.  I actually hate fall. Admittedly, there are so many great things about it. There’s Halloween (my favorite holiday), the beautiful changing colors, and what I believe to be the best fashion of the year. But it is the gateway to winter. As the cold weather approaches, I can’t help but feel down. In an attempt to ease the pain, I’ve decided to challenge myself to a record breaking October sans pants.  I usually go from June-October without wearing pants.  This year I have managed to make it into week 4 of October without breaking out the pants.  I’m going for an all-time record of “No Pants October”. This week I will be exploring as many options with skirts, dresses, tights, scarves, jackets, etc. as possible. I’ve compiled some of my faves from this week below.


I just bought these boots from DSW, and I was super anxious to break them out.  While I still need to refine the look, I love the idea of pairing a harder and more masculine boot with a delicate skirt; it’s a re-birth of an old fave – juxtaposition of the hard and soft. 
My skirt is pretty new as well; it’s from H&M. I love the crochet floral pattern, and the color is perfect for fall. 
This jacket is also an H&M gem. I bought it in the spring, and I believe they brought it back this season. Probably because it’s amazing 
For accessories, I balanced the tough boot and jacket with the sweet “XO” earrings from James & Lily –

I just bought this romper for a Florida vacation this month.  I absolutely love it, and I’m so sad that I won’t get a chance to wear it much, because the weather isn’t ideal.  I’m taking any opportunity to wear it while it’s still decent outside. 
Accessorizing this romper is super fun, too, because I feel like I can go in a lot of different directions with it.  A bold necklace with stud earrings – I’m currently obsessing over the rose gold coffee bean earrings with the black diamonds from James & Lily.  The look also works great with a bolder earring like the Black Dahlia earrings also from James & Lily.  I prefer this look sans necklace. 


Some dresses are super versatile.  I love that this one transitions seamlessly into a skirt; in fact, I prefer it as a skirt.  I’ve paired with a simple owl sweater from Old Navy. 
As far as accessorizing, I’ve created a pretty clean slate.  I decided this would be a great time to play around with some awesome James & Lily pieces!  These were some of my favorites.

I love the Angel Wing earrings 
A great piece bears repeating, so I’m super glad they offer this in a pendant as well! 
And the Falling Leaf necklace is absolutely perfect for the season

Today was a perfect day to bust out one of my all-time favorite jackets.  I love the oxford accents and the bright and bold color. 

Here’s my tip of the week: 

Never underestimate the power of your accessories. Whether it’s jewelry, your scarf, jacket, etc. make these pieces count.  I generally put as much thought into my accessories as I do into my outfit. Your pieces should be working together to achieve the same goal, not fighting each other for attention.   

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get ready for more fall fashions!  I hope you’ll do the same J


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