Inspiration Destination

Hello fellow Jewelry lovers!

During this cold winter season, I end up spending more time inside than out. Which leaves time for two things…

                     1 – Dreaming about (and hopefully planning) travel                                        destinations
                     2 – Redecorating my apartment

I spend a lot of time browsing through Refinery29’s style blogs, and they always seem to have exactly what I am looking for.

Check out this list of travel destinations that “should be on your bucket-list”

My parents went to Myanmar last summer and said they loved it! …I’m very jealous, but also proud of them for continuing to travel in their old age. They’re living proof that it’s never too late to cross something off your bucket-list!

I keep scrolling through articles and I’ve stumbled across “How to make your place look AWESOME!” — How perfect!

I always say that I’ll just DIY a new bench from Ikea, but I never do. Do you? I’ll have to start slower, like adding more accents to my place, i.e. bathroom plants! YES!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned..



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