Just because…

I was recently the recipient of a stunning James & Lily custom ring.  No, the piece was not a Valentine’s Day gift.  Instead, it was simply a gift of love from my incredibly amazing husband.  I am one lucky girl!    

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love affair with sapphires.  It is my birthstone, the first gift my husband ever gave me, and it is just a gorgeous gemstone.  You can only imagine my surprise and total delight when I unwrapped my James & Lily box to find this breathtaking 2 ct. oval sapphire set in a diamond halo and a triple diamond shank. 

James & Lily worked with my husband to design the ring, choose the sapphire, and even was kind enough to send pictures and invite him to view the ring during the entire production process.  Now that is collaboration!  Below are some really neat images of the piece during the production process!

He went with the bottom Sapphire!

The diamonds have been set!

The ring is absolutely perfect.   It is my first piece of custom jewelry, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with how it turned out!  A huge thanks to Kelly, and my husband, for making this incredible piece of jewelry!  
Contact James and Lily today for your very own piece of custom jewelry!  
                                                                        xo, Jackie

My finished ring! 

Another view! 


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