8 Things that every Happy women should have by 30!

Having just celebrated a Birthday myself, I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness, being present and falling more in love with myself and my life. I read this great blog post from Cupcakes and Cashmere and it inspired me to answer a few question about my own happiness.

Cupcakes and Cashmere – 8 Things that every Happy women should have by 30!


1. A go-to drink 

– Riesling or Blue Moon

2. A go-to Karaoke Song 

Anything Jewel or old school 90’s

3.  A uniform 

J. Crew flats, ripped jeans and my favorite Theory Leather jacket

4. A hair stylist they love 

I’m actually on the hunt for a favorite! Maybe my fellow New Yorkers can give me some recommendations! xoxo

5. An exercise routine 

Yoga, running and I’m excited to have added weight lifting to my routine! 

6. A hobby

– yoga, seeing Lighthouses, brunch (yes, brunch can be a hobby– especially when it includes exploring all the options here in NYC!)

7. A best friend 

– I am a lucky lady! I still have my Best Friend from High school, Amber! I also have my NYC Bestie Ashlea and a great circle of amazing girls that love and support me.

8. A healthy sense of self

– I can honestly say that I have found a place in my life where I still have space to grow but also where I feel very happy. I have an appreciation of my body, a respect for my goals and strength, but I also know that I, like many things am a work in progress. I welcome the journey these days, embracing and cherishing everyday. I have come to realize that I am exactly where I need to be. being of service to others is such a gift and it warms my spirit. 

Answer the questions for yourself and share them with us! We’ll feature a lovely lady’s 8 things every week. Woman power!

Email us your answers – subject: 8 things I love! – kelly@jamesandlilyjewelry.com




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