Ashlea’s 8 Things That Make Her Happy!

More from 8 Things That Every Happy Woman Should Have by 30!!

Here’s Ashlea’s answers, and they’re pretty good ones ūüėõ

1. A go-to drink – It depends on many variables! Lately, I adore a gin and tonic with a twist of lime, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and my favorite beer, Stella — It never goes out of style!
2. A go-to Karaoke Song –¬†“I’m just a girl” by: No Doubt or any song by the fabulous Britney Spears
3.¬† A uniform ( what’s your go to style? jeans? heels?) –¬†My favorite pair of skinny jeans (currently Citizens of Humanity), a flirty top, with a black blazer paired with heels or boots.¬†
4. A hair stylist they love –¬†I recently stumbled across Bella at Glow Salon in Chicago. She knows how to work that hair magic!¬†
5. An exercise routine ( what gets you moving? running? yoga?) –¬†DANCE and yoga are always at the center of my exercise regime. However, I am always intertwining new movement practices in whenever I feel the impulse. Presently, I am learning how to utilize weights!
6. A hobby-¬†As of lately,¬†I started delving into meditation. Although, I wouldn’t call this a hobby but rather a spiritual practice.
7. A best friend¬†–¬†I am infinitely grateful for the people that surround me near and far. I have amazing friends in New York, Texas, Chicago, and some cities in between. These special people provide me with unconditional support and immeasurable love!¬†
8. A healthy sense of self ( how do you feel about yourself? your body?) –¬†I love every ounce of my¬†entity. Most recently, I had a delicious “ah-ha” moment. I discovered that the greatest love story of all time, is the love story that you have with yourself. I practice self-love and self-care on a daily basis. I also practice staying aligned and connected within my mind, body, and spirit. I continue to stay open to all of life’s perfect gifts, and I am grateful to be forever evolving.

What are your 8 things? Let us know at

much love and happiness,



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