Elena’s 8 Things That Make Her Happy!

We got another submission to our list of 8 things that every woman should have by 30!

Here’s Elena’s list of her 8 favorite things:

1. A GO-TO DRINK – San-grita!! (half Sangria / half Margarita – YUM)
2. A GO-TO KARAOKE SONG – NEVER! (no singing for me..)
3.  A UNIFORM ( WHAT’S YOUR GO TO STYLE? JEANS? HEELS?) – Aldo; When it’s cold: tight jeans and tank tops. In the summer: colored dresses with platforms.
4. A HAIR STYLIST THEY LOVE – I get my hair cut in the West Village and I’m a pretty good stylist myself!
5. AN EXERCISE ROUTINE ( WHAT GETS YOU MOVING? RUNNING? YOGA?) – Hot yoga and I’m excited about going back to Kick Boxing!
6. A HOBBY- Yoga, tanning and hiking.
7. A BEST FRIEND – I’m blessed to actually have a few best friends in Russia, who I’ve been friends with since we were kids. I am also lucky to meet new great friends in NYC!
8. A HEALTHY SENSE OF SELF ( HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF? YOUR BODY?) – I am happy where I am and thankful for what I have but have lots of goals that I’m still on my way to achieving. Also, I’m at the point where I’m ready for warmer weather so maybe I’ll move!

Send us your 8 Things that make you happy!

kelly@jamesandlilyjewelry.com We’d love to hear from you!





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