Nina’s 8 Things That Make Her Happy!

We have another submission to our quiz:

8 Things that every woman should have by 30!

1. A go-to drink – hmm to be specific, probably Margaritas (summer) and Manhattans (winter)

2. A go-to Karaoke Song – There are so many songs that I never get tired of, 90’s hip-hop for dancing, and 80’s disco for singing.

3.  A uniform ( what’s your go to style? jeans? heels?) – DRESSES

4. A hair stylist they love – I’m newly obsessed with my girl, Martha at her hair studio Head Chop in Williamsburg — check her out!

5. An exercise routine ( what gets you moving? running? yoga?) – YOGA vinyasa, hot, whatever!

6. A hobby- art, museums, my boyfriend

7. A best friend – Yes! If only she’d move back to NYC already!

8. A healthy sense of self ( how do you feel about yourself? your body?) – I feel pretty good about myself; I love where I live and of course my friends and family. Keeping busy and not getting enough sleep definitely tells me that I’m living life to the fullest. I’ll sleep when I’m dead! 

Send us your answers!



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