Zazu’s 8 Things That Make Her Happy!

We have another submission to our list of 8 things that every woman should have by 30! If you’re just catching up, we’ve been posting every week, a list from a wonderful, confident woman what things make her happy. We’ve been loving all the different answers we’ve gotten! It’s an awesome reminder that everyone has their own unique ways of enjoying themselves and living life to the fullest. You go girls!

Check out what Zazu’s favorite things are:

1. A go-to drink – Beer for nast.. Champagne for class..

2. A go-to Karaoke Song – Get Freaky in the Club by R. Kelly (pretty much anything by R. Kelly)

3.  A uniform ( what’s your go to style? jeans? heels?) – Black boots

4. A hair stylist they love – Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny

5. An exercise routine ( what gets you moving? running? yoga?) – Dancing in someone’s apartment

6. A hobby — Collecting and memorizing film scores  

7. A best friend – My wonder snatch

8. A healthy sense of self (how do you feel about yourself?) – Not necessary 

Send us your 8 Things That Make YOU Happy!

Have a WONDERFUL and SASSY weekend everybody! xoxox


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