This summer has been a whirlwind! Here at James & Lily we rock that Empire State of mind…maybe a bit too often. Sometimes it feels like we are always running and it’s a bit unending.

This summer, I’ve come to realize that I love quiet places.  These peaceful afternoons and thoughtful moments help feed my creativity  as an artist. The more time I have for yoga, sitting in the grass in Astoria Park and walking that sweet pup Lily, the more I feel those creative energies wake up. This beautiful realization has helped me more towards making my life more intentional. I now try to focus on self care and I pick up a pencil and sketch whenever the feeling comes over me.  It’s been a journey but I’ve also designed SO MANY new pieces,  found balance, perspective and really loved the past two months.

I’ve also escaped from New York City so much more this summer. I visited family in Ohio, spent time with a dear friend in San Diego and took a road trip with my favorite free sprit to Portland, Maine and Acadia National Park!  I’m tired, sunburned and I have A LOT of laundry and unpacking ahead of me. But, I’m also so happy and in love with the crazy life of mine.

How’s your summer going? Are you taking time to do things that make you feel happy and loved and peaceful?

I highly recommend it! It takes practice to stop and smell the roses but when you finally do you realize, wow life is so beautiful.



PS. Enjoy some of my gorgeous adventure pics!

Tall Ships in Portland, Maine
Tall Ships in Portland, Maine


Portland Light Lighthouse
Portland Light Lighthouse
A moment of reflection in Acadia National Park
A moment of reflection in Acadia National Park
Dinner, Maine Style!
Dinner, Maine Style!

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