About Us


We are James and Lily Jewelry, and our mission is to hand make quality jewelry at an affordable price. Kelly Schaber, a GIA gemologist, started James and Lily Jewelry in 2005, to create jewelry that is more affordable than buying from large fine jewelry companies, but is better quality than costume and commercial jewelry. We often convert our styles from gold to silver and from precious stones to semi precious stones, so that every customer can afford our pieces. It also allows for our jewelry to be worn in a casual or formal setting. Our studio is based in midtown, New York City and consists of Kelly, Paul and I (I’m Nina), where we collectively design and create each piece. It is important to us that every piece we create is made locally, using materials that are conflict free and 100% hand crafted by us. Many of our designs have a modern feel, such as our Chaos ring, which features a rose cut rutilated quartz. Some of our designs are cute and fun, such as our arrow, star and coffee bean studs. We appeal to a wide range of customers, since our materials and designs vary. We enjoy creating every piece we make, and we hope that they become a cherished piece for years to come.


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