I am so excited to announce our BIG NEWS! After, a year away from NYC, growing, designing and embracing change in Texas, Lily and I are headed back in New York City!

So much of my brand and myself is ingrained in the beauty and the hustle of NYC. We have so enjoyed a change of pace but my heart was ready to get back to the big city.

Stay tuned for more news and thank you as always for your love and support.


Kelly & Lily




Hello, Dream Clients!

I love getting questions about how the custom jewelry process works. I’m always happy to share the exciting details that go into making a gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring.

This is a peek at step 3! After meeting to go over their needs, and diamond/gemstone education, I source some of the most beautiful loose diamonds and gemstones for my clients to see in person.

These are a few stunning cushion cut diamonds are fit all of my clients needs. Which one is your favorite?

xoxo, Kelly



Journey of a custom pendant

Here at James & Lily we have a passion for custom jewelry. An old friend reached out to me about making a treasured Father’s ring into a diamond  pendant for his daughter and I was very excited about this project! We created this piece using the recycled gold for the original ring because of it’s deep sentimental value.

Here are a few images of the journey of this piece. From a gents ring, into a gorgeous Amethyst and diamond pendant.

First, I sketched a few options for the client to choose from, then pulled out the center amethyst and had it re-polished to help bring out it’s natural beauty. The gold was recycled and used to create the boarder, allowing space to set the diamond halo. A backing was also applied to allow for a personal engraving.

This piece was a joy to make and our master jeweler, Paul Kim really out did himself as always with the stunning setting job!

Do you have an heirloom you would like to breathe new life into? Reach out to us!